bringee - The New Way Of Sharing Economy.

With bringee you can easy make money with your next journey and send important documents and parcels around the world – cheaper and faster.

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About bringee

Do you want to send a package or letter as quickly and as cheaply as possible? Or do you want to go travelling, but would be happy to earn some money while you’re on vacation? Then bringee is exactly what you want! bringee is a new kind of transport platform with an innovative concept. We bring together the demand for fast, low-cost cheap shipping and the services of private individuals who want to deliver letters and packages. As a courier, you can earn money without effort. As a sender, you can be sure your delivery will reach its recipient quickly and easily.

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Your important letter can arrive in New York the very next day. Or that special birthday present for your grandchild abroad, which regular mail services now won’t deliver, will still reach its recipient on time when you send it via bringee. Our bringee app for your smartphone makes this a very simple process.

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How does it work?


Sending a shipment


Prepare your package for travel

Post your photos and information online.

Book your bringee

Once you’ve placed your offer, choose your bringee!

Hand over the package

After booking, you then hand over your package to your bringee at the agreed time and place. Now your shipment is on the road!

Your shipment is delivered

Your bringee hands over the package to the specified recipient.

Delivering a package


Select a shipment

Choose a suitable delivery for your trip.

Get in touch

Negotiate and clarify the delivery details with the sender.

Take charge of the shipment

After booking a meeting, you take charge of the sender’s shipment at the agreed time and place.

Deliver the consignment to the recipient

Hand over the package to the recipient. You will receive a code you can use to confirm the delivery. Now you will receive your payment.




Rapid delivery

It’s even possible to arrange international delivery on the same day.

International shipping

Low-cost rates, and your package reaches your recipient fast and secure.

Shipping Guarantee

You have not found a suitable bringee for your shipment? No problem! We guarantee delivery of your shipment via our partners.*

GPS Tracking

Track where your shipment is in real time.

Payment options

bringee offers senders a variety of secure payment options. Pay by debit or credit card, real-time bank transfer, or Giropay.

International parcel insurance

Your shipment is insured up to € 500.

bringee (courier)

Lounge access

As a courier, you’ll get free access to more than 1,100 business and first-class lounges worldwide.

Travel as a courier

Travel as a courier and earn money too.

Smart Payment

You will receive a guaranteed payment after a successful delivery.

Offline delivery

There’s no Internet connection at your destination, but you need to hand over the package to the recipient? No problem, delivery via the app does not require Internet access.

Secure Verification System

You have doubts about whether the recipient is really the right one? Don’t worry, the secure verification system avoids delivery to wrong recipients.

Sender and bringee

Protecting the environment

bringee uses existing resources more efficiently. So you can contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

Secure confirmation system

Our system ensures safe transfer to the bringee and secure delivery to the recipient.



Yes! The bringee verification system confirms whether the recipient is genuine, and thus avoids any chance of a delivery in error.

All shipments are insured up to € 500 (with an option to increase this limit). Should your shipment be lost or damaged in transit, the transport insurance will automatically apply.

After a successful delivery, the money will be credited directly to your bank account.

The sender deposits precise information about the content of the shipment, including photos. The consignment must also be unpackaged at the time of the transfer. Thus, the bringee is given a further opportunity to review the content. After the bringee is satisfied the contents are in order, the package is closed and sealed if necessary.

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